"Simply a Great Idea!"


"Simply a Great Idea!"
Ever have a need for an extension to your USB cable when you just can't reach the USB port? uCable3 from Salom is a great solution for you! It is a 3 meter (10 feet) long USB 2.0 Extension Cable with Type A Male to Type A Female connections. Whether you need to connect to a printer or any other USB computer peripherals, uCable3 allows you to be able to extend your connection without having wrestle your device over!
uCable is part of an extensive range of global power solution from Salom
● Extends your USB connection by 3 meters/10 feet for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards, and other USB computer peripherals
● Constructed with corrosion-resistant connectors for optimal signal clarity
● Aluminum undermold shield helps to eliminate EMI and RFI interference
● 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty - Salom is a leading power solutions company founded in 1972 and has supplied more than a billion chargers worldwide.
● Length: 3 Meters / 10 Feet
● Works with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
● USB Type A Male to Type A Female
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